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How can I help stop apps crashing

How can I help stop apps crashing

We’ve all seen apps crash. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or that obscure app you downloaded to see how your hair would look in red. So, why do apps crash? Well, that’s a broad question as there are any number of reasons why apps crash from poor code to bugs in the operating system.

There is something you can do to help stop crashes!

By setting your device to send crash data to developers you give them a chance to see when their app crashed and why. This enables them to fix problems and release updates. The data is always anonymous and no personal information is ever sent to developers but what they do get is enough information to see what caused their app to crash and (hopefully) enable them to fix it.

So please, enable the setting and let the developers improve their apps and bring you a better experience!

This Apple post tells you how to enable this on you iOS device:

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