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Why I’m getting a Nokia 3310

I have an addiction. One that affects my life every day. One that I just can’t shake no matter what I do. One that many of you reading this will share… my smartphone!

I find myself constantly scrolling through social media, flicking through news or just repeatedly checking my email. There’s no need for any of this but it’s become a habit formed from years of having access to so much information in the palm of my hand. Since the iPhone was first released in 2007 I’ve had the latest and greatest iteration in my pocket at all times and over the years it’s become something I’m constantly playing with wherever I go.

But thankfully there is a cure… the legendary Nokia 3310 with it’s indestructible body and weeks of standby time is being resurrected and in a few weeks we should be able to get back to having a phone for what it was intended, phone calls. I personally can’t wait.

Don’t get me wrong, smartphones are great and they are extremely useful, in fact I will still use one for work but being able to disconnect from the information overload we are subjected to every day is something I welcome with open arms.

The Nokia 3310 reboot looks like a great piece of kit. With standby times of 120 days promised and the timeless Snake being updated for the modern colour screen combined with a few modern touches such as Bluetooth so I can still connect to my in-car handsfree, the Nokia 3310 is certain to be an unexpected winner when it’s released in the next few weeks.

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