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Why your business needs a CRM

Why do I need a CRM?

A CRM – or Customer Relationship Manager – is a piece of software used by businesses to manage the relationship between themselves and their customers. Your relationship with your customer is much more than simply knowing their name and address. You need to know their full history, what have they bought from you before? What do they like? What do they dislike? What was the last conversation you had with them? How much are they worth to your business? Now multiply all that information by hundreds or thousands of customers and you have a nightmare on your hands!

What does a CRM do?

A CRM stores a great deal of information about your customers. It obviously stores the basics such as company name, contact information and other identifying information. Beyond that, it can store every email conversation you’ve ever had. Notes on every phone call. Every purchase they have made from you. What their business is worth to you in real money and much, much more.

Why use a CRM?

Your customers want to feel special. They want to know you remember them and know everything about your past dealings. They don’t want to be just another file in a cabinet in the store room. By having a CRM you can bring up everything you ever need to know about your customer instantly with a few clicks. Now you have their full history, you can talk to them like you just spoke yesterday. This makes them feel important and most importantly makes them feel a connection with you as a business which is what keeps them as a customer.

Is it worth having a CRM?

Absolutely. I can’t stress enough how important a CRM would be to your business. Regardless of the size of your business, whether you have 2 or 2000 employees, a CRM would supercharge your customer relationships, save you time on servicing existing customers and help to bring in new ones.

What are the key benefits of a CRM?

Firstly, data storage. A CRM is a central place to store all your data about your clients. From contact information to communication and purchase history. As any salesman knows, speed is critical and having a wealth of information available instantly can be the difference between making a new sale and the customer going elsewhere. You can view your entire sales pipeline from initial contact through to conversion, average conversion times, value of customer to the business and a wealth of other vital information to help you maximise your data.

Secondly, synchronisation of data across your business. If you have multiple staff dealing with customers, the last thing you need is a customer being told the person they normally deal with is on holiday or unavailable and nobody else can deal with their enquiry. That’s that customer gone forever. With your CRM data synchronised across your entire team, anyone can see the client history, previous communications and all other information vital to servicing that relationship which gives all your reps the power to handle enquiries efficiently and professionally as if they had always been the point of contact. Again, the customer feels special and valued. More business!

Thirdly, accountability. With a CRM, your managers have full visibility into the activities of your sales team, service team and all other members of your staff. This ensures your business is being run as you want it to be run and you have the proof in front of you.

Fourthly, a CRM is a secure, reliable and resilient way of storing your business data. Your data is stored securely on a remote server with full backup and resilience against loss or damage. If you have your data stored on paper or on an Excel spreadsheet you are vulnerable to theft, damage, fire, flood and could instantly lose everything vital to running your business. With a cloud-based system you have the benefit of your data being stored securely in more than one location and transmitted via military-grade encryption to ensure it’s always secure and always available.

Finally, scalability. I’ll assume you want to grow your business. With this being the case, having everything you need to service your clients in a filing cabinet or on an Excel sheet just won’t scale. You’ll end up letting down your clients and losing business. Your growth could spell disaster for your business. With a CRM, this is not an issue. It will grow as you grow and always be able to support your business no matter the size.

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