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An Android app is simply any application designed to work on Android-powered devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy line, Google Pixels– essentially anything that’s not in the Apple ecosystem. The Android OS was developed by Google, and the applications can be downloaded via their Play Store app. Fusion Software Consulting have extensive experience in Android App Development, working with clients in multiple industries across Lancashire, the North West of England and wider UK.


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Who are Android Apps for?

Since Android is open-source, it makes it easier for developers to create mobile apps compared to iOS. However, these apps are limited to just smartphones. They’re also available on tablets, Android Auto, and Android TV. With the wide adoption of Android Devices worldwide, many businesses choose to invest in Android App Development as a means of engaging more customers or improving their team’s workflow.

Does My Business Need an Android App?

Simply put, yes, your business needs an Android App. Android devices hold the lion’s share of the market worldwide, with some 2.5+ billion people owning Android-powered phones across 190 countries. That makes the marketing potential and wide reach very attractive for both small and large companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. Android’s openness and accessibility allow mobile app development of universally compatible applications.

Characteristics of Android Apps


Android is open-source software, meaning the original code is readily available for people to view and use. That also means that Google doesn’t ask for money to use its platform, and they make the mobile app development kits easy to download and start making apps.

Compatibility Across a Wide Array of Devices

This is typically why people choose to make Android apps versus going for iOS. An Android app is instantly accessible to Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony, and more. In fact, there are over 24,000 varieties of Android phones across the various brands. Plus, you can use either Windows, Linux, or Macs to develop your apps as opposed to iOS where you can only develop apps on Macs.

Simple Integration with APIs

Another hallmark of Android is it’s easy to integrate third-party-developed APIs into your app. APIs can be used to connect to platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, trading platforms, and much more.

Easy Distribution via Multiple Avenues

Android apps aren’t required to only be uploaded and downloaded through Google’s Play Store. They can also be distributed through other channels like Samsung Galaxy Apps, Amazon App Store, and more. In fact, you can download APKs directly to your device and install them locally.

Quick and Easy App Deployment

It’s a lengthy process to get an app approved for the App Store on Apple products, taking up to a few weeks when everything is said and done. However, Google doesn’t require you to jump through as many hoops to get your app out to the world. It’s possible to have an app designed, developed, and deployed within a matter of hours.

The Benefits of Android Apps

Access to a Large User Base

As mentioned above, there are a whooping 2.5+ billion Android phones in the wild– roughly a fourth of the global population. The reason is simple, there’s an Android phone that fits anyone’s budget. If you don’t have an Android app for your company, then imagine the countless business opportunities you’ll be missing out on.

Easy Customisation

As your business grows and evolves, the app needs to change with it. Android makes it simple for you to implement updates and changes to the application as you see fit.

A Better ROI

Android’s incredible user base gives you access to a large market to focus on. And the ease of Android mobile app development means you’ll be spending less money and time on the application itself. With the right marketing strategy and a quality app, you’ll be able to tap into the full potential of revenue available to you.

Increased Scalability

Android is a very versatile platform. It doesn’t only work for phones, but there are also newer technologies compatible with Android. These include things like wearables, AR, VR, and IoT. This presents unique opportunities for growth and provides a simpler path for scaling up your app.

Backed By Google

The biggest benefit is having the powerhouse of Google behind you. Uploading to the Play Store grants the use of Google services which make apps run even smoother on Android devices and support core features like enhanced security, access to a plethora of developer APIs, things like Google Maps integration, and much more.

Your Trusted Android App Development Partner

Fusion Software Consulting have a wealth of experience when it comes to Android App Development. We have planned an executed many Android App Development projects, for clients across multiple industries.

Get in touch to see if we are a good fit to work together on your next Android App development project.

What Our Customers Say

Lisa Edge


When we decided to launch the concept of sharing across Lancashire and aim for countywide collaboration, we knew we would need a platform which was a vast, complex, automated, and able to support an entire county. We had a need for a brand-new concept, that had never been attempted before, that would engage thousands of individuals and businesses.

I would not hesitate at recommending Fusion Software Consulting to anybody who is looking to develop a fail safe and impressive system which is both functional and user-friendly. They are, and always will be, our preferred and recommended software delivery partners.

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