API Development

An API is an Application Programming Interface that acts as a middleman for communication between applications, services, and products. APIs allow you to access the functions and information of third-party applications and seamlessly integrate them with your own– and vice versa.

A great example of API is the “Sign-up with Facebook” or “Login with Google” buttons many websites and services use so people can create and login to their account with only a few clicks.


  • Log-in API

  • Payment API

  • Data Aggregation API

  • E-Commerce API

Who are APIs for?

APIs offer a wide variety of benefits that make it a no-brainer for businesses across many industries. APIs are what power mobile applications and streamline a company’s ability to connect online, enhance business structures and models, and much more.

The Characteristics of an API


The goal in API development is to make the API accessible to the end-user. That means making it simple to understand and use. If it’s too complicated to make sense, it will likely turn people off and make them not want to use the API– which ultimately defeats the purpose of creating it in the first place.


The API developers won’t always be around to walk people through using the app, and they shouldn’t need to anyway. A discoverable API means users can easily “discover” how it all works because it’s intuitive and makes sense. There should be enough information within the API nearly anyone with some programming background won’t have issues navigating and implementing its functionality.


Consistency is extremely important, especially if using a multitude of APIs. No matter what device the user is on, it should be nearly the same as working on the native platform. There should also be consistency across domains such as the API’s security and authentication processes.


Without documentation, an API is limited because the clients you share it with won’t know what to do. There are main components of documentation for APIs: READMEs for onboarding new API developers, technical specifications, and how to use the API. Remember, documentation is one of the most important deciders between what makes a “good” API and a “bad” API.

The Benefits of API Development

APIs Increase Productivity

APIs create a solid foundation so businesses don’t have to build applications from scratch when they want to develop new products. In addition, they also enable quick and easy prototyping and iterating on the design for better results. Since the API developers get these done faster, they’re able to be more productive in other areas as well.

APIs Allow Simple and Better Integration Across Platforms

APIs also enable seamless integration into varying technologies and applications– which is arguably their main key function. And not only is it easier, but the quality of integration is better which leads to increased interoperability across devices, platforms, and applications.

APIs Enable Automation

API integration development also benefits businesses by allowing them to automate manual and repetitive tasks. In the end, this frees up a lot of time and resources that can be used for more business-critical projects and areas.

APIs Foster Innovation

As the digital landscape continues to evolve and rapidly change, APIs let businesses keep up with the changes, while simultaneously giving them the ability to create and distribute new applications quickly and easily.

APIs Decision-Making Driven By Data

APIs are significant for the amount of data they collect. By analysing the information gathered, enterprises can gain invaluable insights to help drive decision-making in a positive direction.

APIs Creates a Better Customer Experience

APIs are powerful tools for communicating and connecting with your customer base, using platforms and technologies such as social media, augmented and virtual reality, IoT devices, chatbots, and much more. They also allow businesses to create new and improved apps, services, and products that give customers what they want in less time with less effort.

Your Trusted API Development Partner

When it comes to API Development, you need to look no further than Fusion Software Consulting. Over the last 20 years we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience on API development projects throughout Lancashire, the North West of England and the the wider UK.

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Jack Barron

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We’ve worked with Fusion on dozens of projects, across a variety of industries. This has usually worked as a collaborative project, where our existing clients have needed expert support from a developer, or in some cases a straight referral. I am continuously blown away by the level of professionalism shown, and crucially, the end products which are produced.

There is nobody I would trust our clients with more than Dan Cooper and Fusion Software Consulting. We have, and will continue, to put our own reputation in their hands and have yet to be let down (and never expect to!). We can not recommend them enough.

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