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Cross-Platform Mobile Apps are applications that are designed to work on several mobile platforms. These programs work with multiple operating systems, including iOS and Android. Fusion Software Consulting are leaders in Cross-Platform App Development.


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Who are Cross-Platform Apps for?

Cross-platform mobile app development allows developers to create apps that run on many platforms using a single code base. It implies that the company will be able to release the product more quickly and with higher quality. The app can reach a wider audience because it is compatible with a variety of mobile operating systems.

Cross-platform mobile applications are ideal for startups because of their quick development, fast turnaround, and cost-effective quality. Some frequent mobile application development issues can be alleviated by creating a cross-platform mobile app.

Does My Business Need a Cross-Platform Mobile Application?

Cross-platform mobile app development can certainly pay off in the long run for mobile developers or businesses that run an app.

Cross-platform apps are popular because they reduce the need to create separate programs for several platforms. A cross-platform app can run on a variety of devices and systems making it a versatile tool in your organisation’s toolkit. A cross-platform framework is required to create this globally compatible software.

Characteristics of Cross-Platform App Development

It’s Easy on Developers

The developers’ comfort lies at the heart of the cross-platform framework. The frameworks mostly consist of dynamic and scripting languages that are simple to use for any developer.

Building cross-platform apps just takes HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3, which are all skills that any web developer should have. The developer can exploit common hardware features across all mobile devices while creating UIs tailored to each OS platform.

Excellent Service Support

Almost all cross-platform frameworks include the ability to interface directly with cloud services, which can provide good assistance.

The Codes Used are Reusable

One of the best things about cross-platform mobile app development is that once the app is created, it can be used on many operating systems. It is not necessary to write separate codes or sequences for each platform. Instead, you can easily reuse those components in future projects and platforms.

Costs are Reasonable

This is perhaps the most significant advantage of cross-platform mobile application development. When opposed to standalone platforms, developing a single app for all platforms is less expensive.

Compilation is Very Fast

When compared to other native apps, creating hybrid mobile apps is faster and more effective.

Testing is Simple

With a cross-platform framework, testing becomes a breeze. As a result, launching the app would be quick.

The Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development

You Can Use the Same Application

The majority of us are likely to have multiple devices. We might have an Android phone and an iOS tablet, a PC, and so on.

How would you feel if the same application provided you with various experiences and was new to you when used on a different device? Wouldn’t that ruin the atmosphere?

Users want to see comparable traits and feel comfortable with the application’s UI and UX. Cross-platform mobile app development accomplishes this. It gives you the convenience of utilising the same app on all of your devices.

Speedier Time to Market

Cross-Platform App Developers can design and publish apps on several app stores at the same time because they don’t need to make individual apps for different platforms. This means you can reach your audience on Android, iOS, and Windows at the same time and in a more efficient manner.

There’s Only One Source Code

For any application development, having only one source code is the best strategy. It’s also a huge plus for developers because they can reuse the code.

It’s Easy to Implement

There are several technologies that provide cross-platform app solutions and make it easy for developers to make modifications. One can, for example, write code in HTML and then adapt it to several platforms. This means that developers can use platforms they’re already familiar with and convert them as needed.

Product Maintenance is Easy

The path of progress is not a straight one. Bug fixes and a slew of other enhancements are unavoidable. Imagine performing all of this for a single company’s various applications. It doesn’t sound realistic, and it isn’t.

With cross-platform app development, however, we only have to worry about one code. As a result, there will be fewer tests and a simpler way to distribute updates.

Your Trusted Cross-Platform App Development Partner

Fusion Software Consulting have vast experience in Cross-Platform App Development in Lancashire, the Northwest of England and across the UK. With over 20 years software development experience, we have worked on a variety of Cross-Platform Mobile App projects for various industries and sectors.

Get in touch to see if we are a good fit to work together on your next Cross-Platform App Development project.

What Our Customers Say

Steve Lee


Dan Cooper at Fusion Consulting is in a word a Wizard, if anyone can make it happen Dan Can. After creating an amazing APP for us in the Apple and Android operating systems he went on to create a special bespoke photographic application software in the Mac IOS platform that works wonders.

We have tried many developers up and down the country before we met Dan none can match his expertise, Dan is your Man, the only guy that will get your project completed with a project that works.

We are in the process of creating a very unique game changing piece of software for our business and Fusion are the only people that we would trust to do it and safely know that it will work correctly when completed.

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