Database App Development

A database app is software that’s developed and designed with the purpose of collecting, managing, and retrieving information in a structured fashion. This data is stored digitally, either on a computer, a server, or in the cloud.

You’re likely familiar with a database that can be made in something like Excel or Microsoft Access with basic information like sales, costs, customer details, and a mailing list. However, more sophisticated database apps come with a host of features and include apps such as Firebase, MongoDB, SQLite, and many more.

Database App Development is one of our specialist areas, having gained over 20 years experience implementing Database App Development projects across a variety of industries.


  • Financial Services

  • Employee Management

  • Business Intelligence

  • E-Commerce

  • Inventory & Stock Control

Who are database apps for?

If you deal with data or information in any form, then yes, you need a database for your business. A good database is important for all aspects of your business operations. It allows you to gain valuable insights into the data collected, and this is what will drive your decision-making, marketing strategies, and more if leveraged properly.
Database app development is a powerful solution for companies that deal with a large number of clients/customers, vendors, employees, or products. Using a database app allows you to see areas of improvement to increase productivity while also cutting out extraneous costs.

The Characteristics of a Database App

Data Collection and Management

The main function of a database app is to aggregate and organise information so it can be easily retrieved and used by the organisation later. But not only is the data stored, it’s also accompanied by a full definition and descriptors there’s a complete picture.

Preserve The Integrity of the Data

Another quality of database apps is maintaining data integrity. This means the information stored is correct, good quality, and can be reliably retrieved. It also means preventing unauthorised access and changes to the database.

The Main App and the Database Are Separated

The database and main app should only share information needed for the app to function. It doesn’t need to know or have access to info like the format, encoding features, storage location, and so on. It only needs to be able to retrieve specific data when needed via a standardised method such as SQL.

Easily Identify Mistakes and Errors

Most database apps come with self-checking software that looks for errors, duplicates, and faults in the data. The software will let you know when things pop up so you can correct or delete the information from the database.

Persistent Data

Data persistence means the data will remain stored on the database until it’s manually deleted.

The Benefits of a Database App

Better Security

Data breaches and data loss can cripple a company. Thankfully, a database grants more security than other approaches to data storage. Most database apps come with enhanced security features such as segmentation, two-factor authentication, data encryption, and they limit lateral movement so attackers can’t jump from server to server.

Analyse Data for Better Productivity and Cut Wasteful Costs

While you can produce reports the traditional way with Excel spreadsheets, databases offer a better way by automating the process. You can easily see where expenses are going and also better predict trends in profits and productivity. Plus, the information is more accurate when it’s placed in a database, meaning you can make better overall decisions for the company and its future.

Easily Link Data

Using a database app makes it easier to link and compare data with other departments within the business. For instance, you can easily link all sales information with the marketing team and see if your recent marketing campaign had the results you were looking for.

Data Privacy Compliance

Depending on where you operate and the information you handle, there are strict laws and regulations when it comes to the personal information of customers. Databases give you a great framework that helps ensure you’re staying compliant because security and privacy can all be managed centrally.

Your Trusted Database App Development Partner

If your business deals with data, then a Database App Development is likely something you will require. With current legislation and no end of potential risks, it is essential that you pick a reputable Database App Development partner to deliver your project. Fusion Software Consulting have over 20 years experience delivering Database App Development projects to clients across a variety of industries in Lancashire, the North West of England and across the UK.

Get in touch to see if we are a good fit to work together on your next Database App Development project.

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