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Web portals are online platforms that integrate different channels, connecting users to resources and tools in real-time. Web portals aggregate information from multiple different sources and present them in a single user interface. By bringing information and data from multiple sources into one place, web portals can improve experience, efficiency and productivity. Fusion Software Consulting are highly experienced at Web Portal Development, having worked across multiple industries and sectors to develop and execute web portals.


  • Patient Portal

  • Student Portal

  • Intranet

  • Vendor Portal

  • Insurance Policyholder Portal

Who are web portals for?

There are many reasons why a business would invest in Web Portal Development. For many, web portals provide an effective way for teams to communicate and collaborate. Web portals allows multi-location based teams to work seamlessly, streamline interaction between your business and suppliers, and even remove the need the for hard documentation, as you move towards a sustainable paper-free workplace.

Features of a Web Portal

The features of a Web Portal are depending on your reasons for developing one in the first place. Web portals are often used to connect with customers, employees, and partners—all providing powerful features to accelerate your business.

Employee Web Portals

Creating a central platform for your employees might involve a few different tools. An intranet-style web portal could feature:

  • Training documentation
  • Resource library
  • Chat channels
  • Collaboration tools
  • Events and meeting calendars

Whereas specific departments may need special tools to help your team get their job done effectively.

For example, your sales team might need an expansive CRM including:

  • Sales funnel data
  • History of past, present, and future clients
  • Sales activity log

Customer Web Portals

If you’ve conducted any activities online, the chances are you’ve used a customer web portal before. For your business, a web portal can allow your customers to take control of their side of the buying journey.

Customer CRMs allow them to:

  • Manage their account information
  • Download documentation
  • Access order and payment history
  • Create and manage support tickets
  • Access self-service support

Partner Web Portals

If your business runs a partner programme, a web portal takes the hassle out of managing the relationships and sales cycle.

You and partners of your organisation can use the web portal to:

  • Store and download brand assets
  • Analyse sales data
  • Process revenue and payments
  • Access training and educational documents

Benefits of a web portal

Every organisation can benefit from a web portal, regardless of your size or industry.

Easy to learn

Web portals are designed to be quick to learn and simple to use, for both technical and non-technical people.

Documentation is always up to date

Training documentation and business processes are always updated in real-time. Never worry about duplicating documents or overwriting important data again.

Training is more effective

Brand your web portals and keep training materials in one place. Training new and existing staff is easier, faster, and more effective.

Less time wasted

Your employees no longer need to spend valuable time switching between several platforms. Your web portal can integrate it all into one place.

Customers are happier

Web portals provide self-service customer support with a knowledge base and FAQs.

Customers can get in touch faster and support staff can resolve their issues quicker, thanks to having account info at-a-glance.

Partner sales increase

An automated, easy to use web portal helps partners accelerate the sales cycle, leading to a higher number of sales for your business.

Higher level of security

Employees no longer need to juggle countless passwords to separate platforms. One password means less of a threat to your business.

Your Trusted Web Portal Development Partner

Fusion Software Consulting have a wealth of experience when it comes to Web Portal Development. With over 20 years experience, we have worked on a variety of web portal development projects across multiple industries and sectors.

Get in touch to see if we are a good fit to work together on your next web portal development project.

What Our Customers Say

Lisa Edge


When we decided to launch the concept of sharing across Lancashire and aim for countywide collaboration, we knew we would need a platform which was a vast, complex, automated, and able to support an entire county. We had a need for a brand-new concept, that had never been attempted before, that would engage thousands of individuals and businesses.

I would not hesitate at recommending Fusion Software Consulting to anybody who is looking to develop a fail safe and impressive system which is both functional and user-friendly. They are, and always will be, our preferred and recommended software delivery partners.

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