Benefits of Outsourcing App Development

An app helps grow your business through building a stronger brand, creating a better connection with your customers, and boosting your profits.  

There are many reasons a business should develop an app, but many business owners often shy away from developing an app because of the work required to build a successful one.  

Many companies that want an app are outsourcing the app development and are seeing great results and growing their business quicker than ever before. 

There are many reasons you should consider outsourcing app development, but here are the biggest ones you should consider before deciding whether to outsource app development or build your app in-house.

1. Outsourcing App Development is Cost Effective

70% of companies that choose to outsource app development do so because it is the most cost-effective option.  

Not only will outsourcing app development decrease your staffing costs, but you don’t have to pay for technology training or licences, IT systems, or overhead costs likes infrastructure and electricity.  

Factoring all of this in, one study estimates you can save up to 300% when outsourcing app development rather than building your app in-house. 

2. Increased Efficiency 

It takes anywhere from 13 to 39 weeks to develop an app depending on the size and complexity of it.  

If you’re outsourcing app development, you’re handing your app over to a team of experts who know how to efficiently develop, test, and get your app to market.  

They often have multiple teams working on different stages of different apps, and your app is becoming part of a well-oiled machine of app development efficiency.  

The company you hire to develop your app has all the necessary technology, knowledge, and skills to quickly build a high-end mobile app.  

You’re likely not going to find the same skill level if you hire an in-house app development team.  

3. Top of the Line Security 

Your app needs to be safe and secure.  You’ll lose your customer’s loyalty if there are security issues with your app, and your customer’s personal information is stolen. 

Technology quickly changes, and there are new mobile app security best practices that need to be followed.  Your in-house team may not be aware of the best security measures to add to your app, but an outsourced team will be. 

The outsourced team you hire to develop your app are experts and know all the little tricks to ensure your app is as secure as possible.  

4. Ongoing Support

Developing an app and putting it on the app store isn’t the end of your app development journey.  As long as your app is live, you have to update it and add new features.  

You need to take that into consideration when deciding between outsourcing app development and developing the app in-house.  

When you outsource an app, many companies include services that go beyond the initial app development.  You can work with the same outsourced team who developed your app for updates and new features in the future. 

This makes the update process smooth, quick, and ensures the updated product is the same quality as the original app.  


The market for outsourcing app development grows by 5.28% per year and for good reason.  Many companies realise not only the cost benefit of outsourcing app development but also the quality benefit.  

When you outsource your app development, you’re hiring a team of experts who live and breathe app development.  You’re guaranteed to get an excellent product that helps grow your business and build customer loyalty.